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BlueCube Linux screenshots...

20020314 - Textmode boot screen prior to getting X windowing system up and running... Screenshot taken using vmware.

20020315 - Enlightenment running an unmodified E-Chaos theme. Screenshot produced thru vmware.

20020315 - Was reminded of the DOS prompt variable days from seeing a screenshot of the 'Altair' sawfish theme, so I did this for BlueCube.

20020316 - High resolution (1600x1200/24bpp) screenshot. Still with unmodified E-Chaos theme, but now with some actual _useful_ applications.

20020317 - Since I didn't really know what I wanted from the window manager for BlueCube, it was hard to make decisions... So I did a bit of "concept art", searching thru various online resources looking and picking the best parts from everything. Unfortunately, the result wasn't as popular as I had hoped =P
Guess this isn't going to be how it will look when it's done after all. But here it is, anyways. Ripping stuff from lotsa people. The menu to the left is supposed to be a list of open applications, and oh yeah just ignore the French text and the fact that the window has Gnome buttons...

Stay tuned!