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Welcome to BlueCube Linux !

What's new? [2002-09-13]
I know alot of people have been wondering what has happened to BlueCube the last few months. Well, first I started a compsci education & then I quit that to start working as a developer, and I haven't had much time for it. But I do hope that I'll be able to continue working on it SOON!

News! [2002-04-01]
Yes folks, the news about us porting the actual "Aqua" Mac OS X interface WAS an april fool's joke...

BlueCube Linux is a project started by a few nutty swedes to make the "Mac OS X of Linuxes".
Genuinely cool and accessible to less computer-savvy users. It's key "selling points" are:
  • Consistent, fully GUI system. Because command line is not for my grandma. Of course, still with consoles for those who want it.
  • Ease of use. Configuring the system and installing new ported software is supposed to be EASY and done from ONE simple tool.
  • Smart port system. XML based automated package/compiling system. Because it makes installing new software a BREEZE.
  • Cool software. Multimedia, office type, 3d modelling, gaming, etc. software. Simply all the good stuff.
  • Optimization. Completely PII+/Duron+ optimized. Kernel with low latency patches, etc. Gimme speeeeeeed!

So WHY did we start such a project, you might ask? Well, the main 3 reasons are:

  • All desktop Linux distributions suck. Even though you'd think the big vendors should have learned by now. So it's kind of a "hey, look here stupid. THIS is how you do a graphical Linux" kind of thing.
  • We were tired of helping new Linux users configure their systems. Let's just make a script that does all that and never have to help newbies again. Mohaha.
  • We were tired of downloading, building, and reconfiguring all the software we want for our Linux systems each time we reinstalled or updated. If we just make a script that does that and that, we won't have to do it again. Ever. And neither will anybody else.

Today's word from "bluecube master" Tobias... (2002-04-08)
Unfortunately I've had to battle this spring's cold and directly afterwards I've started attending a computer science class... So I haven't been able to get much work done with BlueCube in a while. But this should get better in a couple of weeks.
The good news are that Jakob's XML-based package format is approaching Beta... Good work! =)

Stay tuned!