Welcome to CUTs!

CUTs is a procmail "hack" that basically enables you to use a normal cellphone as a Unix/Linux terminal. From anywhere.

If you have a cellphone capable of short text messages, a cellphone service provider that enables you to send and receive emails as short messages (or similar), a computer connected to the Internet (running sendmail/procmail) and a domain, ... Then you can have access to an online Unix/Linux box from anywhere, aswell!

The download is HERE (tar.gz)

Here are a small list of things that I have done from my cellphone:

  • Surf the web with lynx.
  • List files, check available disk space, check if certain processes (apache) are running, etc.
  • Download large files to my home server via FTP, while on the bus.
  • Linux kernel compile (23 Aug, 2002 ! First one ever from a cellphone, I assume).
  • HTML-formatted emails using my real email-address in the 'From:' header.
  • Pings, traceroutes.
  • Sent emails to myself to help me remember important things.
  • Written small sh/perl scripts, ...
Et cetera.


I had a prototype of this back in early 2000, but the server I developed it on had a disk crash or something. I can't even remember for sure. Then I wrote it again from scratch this summer (2002) but I wanted to get some better pictures before I released it... Well that hasn't happened in almost 3 months so I'll just put it here now, crappy pictures or not. =)

I guess the whole concept of using your cellphone to access your Unix/Linux box via the Internet isn't as cool as it was back in early 2000, now that we have WAP, GPRS/CDMA, and 3G on the way... But I still get some "Wow's" when I show it to people (err, fellow nerds, I mean).
Released under GPL licence... well, enjoy! =)

Below: the "new and improved" explaining graphics, thanks to Jimmy Johansson.

Copyright (C) Tobias Ekbom, 2002. Software released under GPL licence.
Email: tobias-at-vallcom-dot-net (replace at/dot with the obvious...)