About Codewar.net :

It's my domain... I've had it since a few years back...
Me being Tobias, aka. Kybernetos.
I'm a person. I think.

Why CodeWAR? - Are you killing those innocent bits and bytes?

The name I was actually planning to register initially was "CodeWARP.net", referring to the startrek "warp speed" of my programming code.
A friend of mine initially misheard it as "codewar" though, and upon correcting him, I was told codeWAR sounded much cooler.
So, I registered that instead.
It doesn't really mean anything.


Well, I just use this site to put various stuff online - mostly projects, software, and pictures of drunk people.

What about the picture on the front page?

It's just there because it's a pretty picture in general.
I took it in may 2005 from the volcano "Teide" on the island of Tenerife in Spain (west of northern Africa).


I can be reached at tobias000@codewar000.net (remove zeros from the address to get it right).